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Sep 1, 2021

COVID-19 has reshaped work in numerous ways. Many fortunate white-collar Americans spent the last year working from home. Others in service-oriented jobs lost work or spent their workdays behind masks and plexiglass.  

These pandemic-related changes have been especially hard on women, according to a paper in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Economists Stefania Albanesi and Jiyeon Kim found that unlike in previous business cycles, employment losses during this recession have been larger for women than for men. They argue that gender differences in occupations and in childcare responsibilities are the main drivers. 

The authors’ findings highlight the impact that childcare policies may have on the career prospects of women, as well as on the overall economy.

Professor Albanesi recently spoke with Tyler Smith about why the COVID-19 recession poses unique challenges and what policymakers can do to help. 

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